For the joy of korf (“and the winners are…”)

It is with great sadness that Dundee Korfball Club is forced to announce that…

Joy of Korf

For the Joy of Korf

The winner of this month’s Joy of Korf Award is none other than Alan Morrison! Whoopee, and well done Alan (that really was a great party!).

And just for the record, previous winners of the prestigious JoK award include:

  • June – Tanjeel Maleque for the sensational pub quiz extravaganza
  • July – Michael Nicholson for helping Nigel with the juniors sessions
  • August – Fiona Ianetta for her positive attitude at training and games
  • September – Terri Lloyd for her hard work on tactics in training
  • October – Emely Paul for attending the referees course and taking her first steps in refereeing within the SKL
  • November – Mary Cooper for generally being “super”, and for winning 2 MVPs in one day

Korfmas Hats at junior training, 13/12/12

Also, in related news, the club is delighted to announce that its first ever Korfmas Hat competition has been won by Rosie Lloyd, who proudly paraded her home-made hat throughout the final juniors training session of the year. Well done Rosie!

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