What is korfball?

Korfball is a ball sport played by mixed teams (four male and four female players per team). It’s played with a ball about the size of a football, and involves lots of throwing, catching, and shooting into a really high basket. If you imagine crossing basketball and netball you’ll get a fair idea of what korfball looks like, but it’s actually quite distinct from both. It’s fast moving, skillful, non-contact and very much dependent on teamwork.
A short introduction to the rules and history of the game is available on Wikipedia, and a neat little promotional video is available from the IKF. For those who want the official rules, they’re available from the International Korfball Association (but be warned, the PDF is 23 pages long, and pretty boring!).

Trying to sum up the game in a four point nutshell:

  • 2 boys/men and 2 girls/women play for each team in each half of the pitch, and each marks an opposing player of the same sex.
  • Attack in one half of the pitch – defend in the other. Switch roles every 2 goals.
  • Shoot from anywhere (in your attacking half) into a basket on top of a 3.5m high post.
  • No running with the ball – so lots of “passing and moving”.

Put very simply, korfball is brilliant 🙂  It is also really easy to learn how to play, and beginners are always welcome.

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