How do I use the website?

The club’s website should be visible to everyone, but only club members are allowed to log on and post new stories, photos, etc.

To do this, each member first needs to register as a user of the website (you can do this simply by clicking the blue register button that appears on the right hand side of either the home page, or the “latest news” section).

Once* registered, authorised users get to log in and post as many items as they want… but remember, once it’s posted, it’s going to be there for everyone to see – so don’t go slagging anyone off too quickly.

* – there may be a slight time-lag between your registering on the site and your becoming an authorised user, but once you’ve been authorised, the next time you post anything it should be published almost immediately.

If you need any more help with either registering and/or submitting articles, just ask Nigel for advice, or post your question in the “reply” box below.

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