How much does it cost?

We want as many people as possible to come along and try korfball out, so we are happy to offer everyone their first korfball training sessions for free

Once we get you hooked (hopefully about half way through your first session), subsequent pay-as-you-go training sessions will cost £4 each for adults, and £2 for kids. Concessions (under-18’s, students, people on a low income, etc.) are available to those who need them. Pay-as-you-go match fees (for league games, etc.) are charged at £5 per fixture. 

People who train and play more regularly are asked to pay their fees monthly by standing order (for the club’s banking details see “how to pay”), with full fees costing £21 a month for adults (£13 concessions), and Thursday-only fees costing £16 a month (£10 concessions). The monthly fees cover the costs of playing in league matches as well as the costs of the weekly training sessions.

Club Membership Fees: are payable by all adult (16+) members, and cost £12 a year. Only fully paid up club members are entitled to vote at the AGM, and to play in official matches for the club.

What do we use the money for? Membership fees cover outgoings like the insurance and registration fees that we pay to the Scottish Korfball Association, while training fees cover things like hall hire, administration and equipment costs.

Want to know anything else? Post a reply below, use the contacts page, or just ask us at one of our regular training sessions.

4 thoughts on “How much does it cost?

  1. Hallo! It so happens that I do not know this game, although I read online that it has quite a long history! I can play basketball, but my freand plays football! So, we egreed, that we would like to try, how is it – playing korfball! We are two people man and women… I would like to ask when it’s possible to join for korfball training sessions for free in Dundee?!
    Thank you

    • Hi Kristine – we offer everyone their first training session for free, so when ever you can turn up first, it will be free. From our persepective, the sooner you can come the better! You will definitely be welcome. If there’s anything else you need to know, just give me a call on 07817 640432. Thanks – Nigel

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