First games of the season for DKC 1

The first team has had their first games played last week-end against Northern Storm and St.Andrews. With the last few weeks the change of training style had good hopes against Storm as we still have to beat them. Both teams played a furious game and the ball was travelling fast between sprinting players. Alas the shots at the korf where going in on the opponents side but Dundee lacked any goals when they went into half time.
Northern Storm was leading the game with 5-0, not the score we where looking for. After a pep talk and some rest the team took position on the court again and started to find their target. With 2 goals in quick succession the first points where on the board, and the third was not far behind.
Storm came back with Kyle scoring their sixth goal, followed by Nigel to make it 4 – 6. Storm came back again to 4 – 7. Paul scored to make it 5-7, Storm misses a penalty and Nigel scored another to get it to 6 – 7, just in time as the final whistle went.
A good fight but unfortunately not enough, who knows what would have happened if we managed to score the 3 penalties we had. But that is if.. and did not happen.

After a brake when Storm played St.Andrews (score was low, I think 4-3 to St.Andrews Oops, score was 4 all.) DKC1 was on again this time against St.Andrews. This time they did not hang around, in the first attack they scored their first goal (Paul). A penalty taken by Blair found it’s way this time and the score is 2 -0.
St.Andrews was given a penalty and scored to make it 2 – 1, but DKC did not wait long to take it back by David and Paul running in to make it 4- 1.
Again we see St.Andrews scoring to be followed by Mary and David to widen the gap to 6-2. St.Andrews distance shot took one back,followed by a nice running in from Carla. As soon as the ball was back in our attack David scored another. The score at half time was 8 – 3, that’s better than lagging behind 5-0.
St.Andrews started well as they scored first, but Carla scored twice to make it 10 – 4. It started to become a bit of a habit, St.Andrews scores, we score back. David scored, and they took their eyes of Carla. She was free under the post, ball went straight to her and in 12-5.
Towards the end St.Andrews tried hard and managed to score some more before we got some in as well. The final score was a great 14 – 9 win, well done team.


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