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Scotland: Erwin Oosterhoorn, son of our Cees who is on the mend, has lived for years in Scotland, in Dundee, to be exact and he has since contributed to the creation of DKC, the Dundee Korfball Club, who immediately started enthusiastically. They play in the Scottish league and recently organized the first tournament with six teams. A website should not be missed, of course, so if you want to know more click here. Because of its association with Erwin a forthcoming separate article can appear on our website. Besides, a bunch of students from Edinburgh University Korfball Club made ​​a perfect recruitment clip. That you have to see, click here!

OK, I have roughly translated this to make it easier to read. I have since sent an article over but want to sent a detailed report of the tournament to see if there is anyone that is interested in coming over next year.

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Born and grown up in Holland, played korfbal when I was younger. Moved to Scotland and founded my family. have worked as a (pastry) chef/head chef before going to university and study computing. Working for ninewells Hospital for diabetes. I have 2 kids who might start korfball later too.

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