Match report (1/4/12)

No kidding (get it?): we may have lost, but we had the best shirts.

Sunday, April 1, 10:45am, Shawland Academy, Glasgow

Glasgow 2 5 – 2 Dundee KC

Yet another low scoring game (OK, a loss) against a fairly handy team with a lot of experienced players… But this was also yet another very good team performance for us, with plenty of promise to build on for next season. We lost the game 5-2, but the stats actually look really promising… all of Glasgow’s goals were scored by their tall, experienced blokes (I’m responsible for letting 3 of them go in, and a fourth one was from a penalty that Mary gave away), whereas both of our goals came from open play and were scored by our up-and-coming (new-ish) girls. Shane scored her first competitive goal in what was her first full (non-sub’d) game – a nice little short-shot from the side of the post – and Caroline sank a really good long shot mid-way through the first half, with Kim providing support at the back of the post. I believe that a certain little captain even mentioned us still being in the game at half time, when we were only trailing by the one goal. But realistically, it was one of those games of two halves: we were doing OK up until half time, but after that we kind of ran out of ideas, and were overpowered by Glasgow’s much stronger squad. We did pretty well to keep the score down to 5-2, really, although we did also have a good few shots that went close in the second half, including one by Tanjeel right at the end that just rolled over the rim of the basket. That would have been a brilliant way to end our season, but sadly, it just wasn’t meant to be.

Of course, we can still say that we were the best looking team: this was our first outing in our brand new team kit.

Well done everyone, not only for this performance, but for making it through our first season in such style.

Match stats:

Glasgow 2 5 – 2 Dundee KC: Caroline(1), Kim, Nigel, Tanjeel; Mary Shane (1), Alan, Steven
MVP: ??? (my vote would be either Caroline or Steven, once again)

5 thoughts on “Match report (1/4/12)

  1. Was it really Mary that conceded the penalty? What was it for? I had assumed it was me as i stepped forward into the attacker that had got round Alan.

  2. Mary told me that she’d defeded the guy… but if you took him out as well (just to be sure?), we can hardly complain. 🙂 (Hopefully, that will teach him never to run round Alan again).
    Oh hang on, wait a minute… it seems that the one thing everyone agrees on is that the penalty, and by logical extension the ensuing defeat, was entirely Alan’s fault. 🙂

  3. I thought it was me because I tried to interfere with the pass from the feed (my attacker) to the guy and fouled him in doing so. Gav certainly gave me a knowing smile as he awarded it, implying it was my fault!

    • Ahhh, psychology at work. I’ll have to practice my knowing smile – that could be very useful. (How does it go again, Gav?)

      • How many penalties did we conceded? I thought Graham was the feed. We could maybe do half an hour on “knowing smiles” on Sunday.

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