End of season party, awards and AGM (5/5/12)

An evening to relax, to reflect on progress in year 1, and to make plans for year 2 of Dundee Korfball Club. We may well have a few drinks (to celebrate, of course), and perhaps the odd party game or two, but the main features of the evening will be electing a new committee (always helped by a few drinks), and handing out our first year’s club awards. Start time 6:30pm, end time to suit. Hopefully the AGM will be all over and done within an hour, and then the party can take over (maybe even a BBQ if the weather is nice). Further details from Nigel or Mary, who will be hosting in sunny Auchterhouse.

Please let us know if you would be interested on being on the committee even if you can’t make it to the party/AGM: posts to fill will include chair, secretary, treasurer, social sec, development officer and coaching coordinator.

3 thoughts on “End of season party, awards and AGM (5/5/12)

  1. Count me in, will let you know if it’s one or more people coming.
    Do you want anyone attending to bring something? (Food, games, drink?)

  2. I think that it should be compulsory for all pastry chefs, or former pastry chefs, to bring at least one Dutch pastry. Finding a committee to back me up on this one should not be too difficult. Rumour has it that Alan will be bringing chocolate truffle, and Steven a marshmallow cake thing. So it’s probably better not to bring too much. We’ll get some burgers and or pizza in, depending on what the weather’s like on the day.

    • Looking at the other options I could do something non-sweet, or are you all cake mad and want to have more to try out? I will have a think and see what I can rustle up.

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