DKCs 10,000 challenge

DD9 – the one that never happened.

DKC have just completed their first charitable “10,000” club challenge. The idea was to keep everyone fit, motivated and connected in the absence of korfball training sessions and matches, and to raise some money for the Eagles Wings Trust in Dundee.

The challenge started on 1st May and was timed to finish on the day that would have been our 9th Dundee Day summer tournament, Sunday 24th May.

The challenge was to complete 1000 km running, 1000 km walking, 1000 km cycling, 1000 minutes planking, 1000 each of crunches, press ups, squats, lunges and step ups, and score 1000 goals (a few members managed to set up korfball posts at home, or used a basketball hoop instead). Participants submitted their activity each day via an on-line form so we could see how much progress we were making.

We got through several of the exercises quite quickly, so these were replaced with additional challenges of Russian twists, burpees, squat jumps, reverse lunges and box jumps; we ended up completing 13,268 of these in total. The 1000 minutes planking turned out to be more difficult to achieve, we finally got there two days before the deadline with the help of some group planking sessions via Zoom!

The goal scorers did an amazing job – the original target of 1000 goals turned out to be far too easy; it was optimistically raised to 10,000 a few days before the end and this was achieved on the final day: a grand total of 10,588 goals were scored.

We also completed 1060 km walking and an impressive 1740 km cycling with little difficulty, but found the target of 1000 km running more challenging. On the final weekend a brilliant team effort of individual runners (battling the strong winds) got us the remaining 115 km that we needed with three hours to spare.
It was a great achievement to complete the club challenge and it certainly provided extra motivation for exercising in new and different ways until we can play korfball again.

As a result of everyone’s generous donations, the challenge raised £865 for the Eagles Wings Trust, which helps people who are homeless, addicted or in the process of recovery. 

All donations went to the Eagles Wings Trust in Dundee

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