Whoops; we did it again…

Dundee KC 1 – 15 St. Andrews University 1
Sunday, Feb 12, 6pm, Menzieshill CC, Dundee

I’m trying to think of a way to make this sound good… so perhaps it’s best to start by ignoring the scoreline? We did get thumped (not literally, of course), but I do believe that we won in the “making lots of noise every time we scored” competition. 🙂

Dundee’s only goal came midway through the second half, courtesy of a fine long-shot from our trump card Eleanor Legg. However, just like St. Andrews, we had a good number of scoring chances spread right across the game. The only difference was that they sank a good number of theirs, while we managed to miss just about every time. 🙁 With a little more practice of course, we should start putting a few more of those away in future. (Every cloud has a silver lining, after all).

Highlights of the game from our perspective? Well, the most excellent league debuts for Kim, Alan, Ross, and Amy. Also, the fact that all of St. Andrews’ goals came from their boys means that all of our girls must have done a really good job in defence (a clean sheet for the girls is defintely “most excellent”).

Many thanks to Gavin Legg for refereeing, and to St. Andrews for being really good sports throughout, and for delivering us yet another lesson in good korfball.

Match stats:

Mary, Rosie, Steven M, Dayne; Eleanor (1), Kim, Nigel, Alan;
subs: Ross on for Alan at H/T; Rachael on for Kim at H/T; Amy on for Mary after ~40 mins;

MVP: Mary


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