We just won our first ever game!

Well done to everyone who helped us to win our first ever game on Sunday, and to those who helped us to lose our second one! Aside from Steve G’s blistered foot, and the subsequent umpteen-to-one defeat by St. Andrews, I suspect that we all had a great first day out in Edinburgh. We won our first match was against Edinburgh Mavericks 4-3, with goals from Ian Volante (kindly on loan from Mavs, and possibly never to be let back into the fold after his stunning second-half long-shot), Graham Robertson (on loan from Glasgow) and Mary Cooper (2). We then went on to get thrashed by St. Andrews in our second match; we conceded at least 14 goals, but countered admirably in the second half with a very impressive single goal. 🙂

vs. Mavs: Mary (2), Caroline (sub’d by Ashley, H/T), Nigel, Ian V (Mavs, 1); Kirsty, Lucie (Glasgow. sub’d by Rachael, H/T), Steve, Graham (Glasgow).
vs. St. Andrews: Lucie (Glasgow. sub’d by Mary, H/T), Caroline (sub’d by Ashley, H/T), Nigel, John Wright (Mavs, sub’d by Steve Lawrence, Mavs, H/T); Kirsty, Rachael, Steve G (sub’d by Mark?, Mavs, H/T), Graham (Glasgow).

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