Free Korfball Festival at DISC on June 21

Dundee Korfball Club will be hosting a free korfball festival at DISC on June 21. The event will form part of the City Council’s Commonwealth Games Challenge and will feature:

  • “come and try” sessions for both adult and junior players,
  • an open competition for younger players (in the form of the Scottish Schools Open Korfball Championship – this is targetted primarily at children in years P6 and P7, but younger children will also be permitted to play “up” a year or two)
  • A demonstration game between the adult volunteers from Dundee Korfball Club and other clubs from the “Rest of Scotland”
  • A beginner’s game for mums and dads (should the opportunity arise!).

The festival and come and try sessions will run throughout the day, starting from 11am, and the Open Championship will run from 1pm to 4pm. The whole festival will end at 5pm.

Adult and junior players can sign up to register their interest here.

Provisional; Schedule:

11:00 setup and “come-and try” sessions (open to all)
12:00 adult demonstration game (Dundee vs Rest-of-Scotland)
1:00 registration for Scottish Schools Open (name badges, codes of conduct, team formation)
1:20 Scottish Schools Open mini-games (4 vs. 4, end-to-end)
2:00 Youth korfball skills-drills (groups of 4-6 players each; 5 x 6-minute drills)
2:30 Scottish Schools Open matches (8 vs. 8, two-divisions)
3:30 Prize presentations (certificates & trophy)
4:00 adult demonstration / beginner’s game (parents vs. volunteers?)
5:00 close

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