Dundee Day 2015 – The Plan

We are planning to hold our fourth annual Summer tournament on Sunday, May 24th, 2014. It will be a one day event, open to teams from everywhere… teams from existing clubs, cobbled together teams of friends, and maybe even a few cobbled together teams of people who’ve never played together before too. Just like last year, the event is scheduled for “the day after” St. Andrews’ magnificent beach tournament, so we are hoping that quite a few of the beach teams (one beach team = 2 boys + 2 girls) will hang around and pair up to form full teams (4 boys + 4 girls) on Dundee Day.

Anyone who’s interested in either entering a team, or just coming along and playing for a scratch team, should get in touch with Nigel (07817 640432), email tourny@dundee.korfball.org.uk. or see the official tournament invite for more details.

Similarly, anyone who is willing to help us run the event (we will need lots of helpers) should make themselves known as soon as possible. You don’t even need to like korfball to be a good helper – a band of volunteers to staff the day-long BBQ and blow the full-time horn would be particularly useful. 😉

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