Match reports (25/3/12)

Definitely better, but no cigar…

Match reports from Sunday, March 25, 3:30pm, St. Leonards Land, Edinburgh

Game 1: Edinburgh City 2 3 – 3 Dundee KC

Another low scoring but decent little game… and another point on the board for both teams. A brace of classic long shots from Rosie got us off to a good start, but City soon pulled one back before the goals seemed to dry up. Mary eventually got things flowing again with a nice running in shot, but then things got a bit stuck again. We tried a good bit of outside feeding towards the end of the first half, but never really looked to have either the speed or the composure needed to finish our chances. So City took the initiative and popped in 2 goals to draw level just before half time. City’s standard of play went up a gear at the start of the second half, but we hung in there quite comfortably, with Nigel & Tanjeel and Rosie & Shane really starting to gel in defence (this was Shane’s debut, and only the second proper game for Tanjeel). The game even looked like it was starting to turn our way at the end, with Caroline and Rachael looking particularly sharp and strong in attack and Steven and Alan providing some really good support. But that was it as far as the goals were concerned, and both teams seemed fairly content with the final result.

Game 2: Edinburgh Uni 4 8 – 4 Dundee KC

I’m not sure that I remember much of this game, other than the real highlights: Alan scoring the second goal of his korfball career by doing exactly what he did the first time – rebounding from his own penalty; Mary scoring from under the post straight from a change-of-ends (well spotted, Steven); Rachael slotting home a nice long shot in the second half; and both Tanjeel and Kim coming really close to scoring their first goals in competitive korfball. Ed Uni’s team was quite strong, with several players “playing down” by at least one squad. But they all played really kindly throughout the match – the boys in particular refusing to take lots of clear shooting opportunities in order to support the more closely matched girls. If anyone else can remember any more than that, please feel free to add some comments! And well done to everyone who played for us – I think that these were two very good TEAM performances, which is really great to see.

Match stats:

Ed City 2 3 – 3 Dundee KC: Caroline, Mary (1, sub’d by Rachael at H/T), Alan, Steven; Rosie (2), Kim (sub’d by Shane at H/T), Nigel, Tanjeel. MVP: ??? (my vote would be Caroline)

Ed Uni 4 8 – 4 Dundee KC: Kim, Mary (2), Alan (1), Steven; Rosie (sub’d by Caroline at H/T), Shane (sub’d by Rachael (1) at H/T), Nigel (sub’d by Graham R with 5 minutes left), Tanjeel.
MVP: ??? (my vote would be Steven, who played really well all afternoon)

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