Could we actually be getting better?

Edinburgh Mavericks 6 – 8 Dundee KC
Saturday, Feb 25, 11am, Sighthill Campus, Edinburgh

Despite yet another dodgy start (could it be that Dundee really don’t like Saturday mornings?), I suspect that this was Dundee’s best team performance to date.  Mavs were brilliant hosts as usual, but they also seemed fairly determined to make up for their one-goal loss to us in the opening game of the season. Their shots came fast and furious from the outset this time around, and they quickly built up a three goal lead at the start of the game. Once we’d gained a bit of composure in defence though, we started to claw our way back, and by half time we were only trailing by one (HT score 4-3 to Mavs). Mary & Gav sank a couple of nice long-shots, and Nigel converted a fortuitous penalty.

The second half was closely contested throughout, with all of our players really getting into the spirit of the game and playing some pretty decent korfball, both in attack and defence. Gav sank a couple more long shots, and Nigel converted a good collect from underneath the post, plus a decent long shot to put us 7-5 up with about 5 minutes to go. Mavs were not beaten yet though, and holed a great long shot to pull back to 7-6 with about 3 minutes left. Tension grew as our defence begged our attack to play safe (keeping the ball and hanging on to our one goal advantage), but the attack were on a roll and kept on hammering away for a final killer goal. And my how they got it! Caroline finished off a well deserved, and beautifully executed running in shot to seal the game with about 1 minute left to play. The whole team celebrated that goal in style: everyone had really put everything into this game, and we had pulled yet another great result out of the bag.

Special mentions go to Amy, who played a stormer in her first full game (making very few mistakes and really getting into the swing of things), and Lucie Maupetit, standing in admirably for us once again when we were one girl short.

Match stats:

Mavs 6 – 8 Dundee KC: Caroline (1), Lucie, Gavin (3), Steven; Mary (1), Amy, Nigel (3), Alan.
MVP: Nigel

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