Community Chest Competition

DKC has registered for a chance to win £500 in The Evening Telegraph’s Community Chest competition. All that we have to do is collect as many Community Chest tokens as we can over the next 10 weeks. Tokens will be printed on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in the Evening Telegraph, from now until November 10. Please cut them out and keep them to add to the collection box that we will be putting in a local shop / community centre sometime soon. Many thanks!

One thought on “Community Chest Competition

  1. So here’s the outcome…
    (i) We either lost our collection box, or it got stolen! You can thank the nice lady at Ardler for that (not for stealing it though – we just don’t know where it went!).
    (ii) We collected a grand total of 31 tokens, and sent them in to the Tele on Nov 9th for our chance to win £500.
    (iii) given the low probability of any club (out of the more than 150 that registered) actually submitting fewer tokens than we did, I came up with my own cunning little scheme and decided to cash-match our collection at a rate of £1 per token, straight into club funds. So well done DKC… you just won £31!
    (iv) I also decided to give a cash prize (of £5, no less!) to the person collecting the most tokens, and the winner was: Shane, with a grand total of 17 tokens. Well done Shane, and many thanks to all the other people that contributed.

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