A valiant effort

Ed Uni 1 16 – 4 Dundee KC
Saturday, Nov 12, 10am, Pleasance SC, Edinburgh.

OK, so our stunning two-game unbeaten run may just have come to an end, but at least we went out in style. It seems that Edinburgh’s students may be considerably better at waking up on a Saturday morning than we are… we went 4 goals down at the start of this match before we’d even blinked. We did have some decent spells in the game though, and we were only trailing by a few goals at half-time (the HT score was something like 8-3 to them). It was also nice to be fielding an almost complete team for a change (thanks to Steven M and Dave W, both making their debut appearances for Dundee). In the end, we only had to borrow one bloke from Ed. Uni., so this was a very good turnout for Dundee. The pace of the game was a little too high for most of our team though, and the fact that our borrowed player scored 3 out of our 4 goals tells a bit of a story – Ed Uni were very good both at scoring (although I think that we did quite well in defence for most of the game), and at putting pressure on us whenever we did get to attack. A lot of that no doubt comes down to experience: knowing when to move and where to move to, and knowing when to shoot and when not to. But we will get there in the end, and this match was a great way to see how it should be done. So feel inspired people… come this time next year, that’s what we ought to look like!

Stats / Divisions

Caroline, Rosie, Nigel (1), Steven M; Mary, Rachael, Jean Fourie (Ed Uni, 3), Dave Wood (Castle).
MVP: Jean (don’t blame me – it’s the opposition who chooses the MVP!)

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