A jump start for youth korfball in Dundee

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Over the past few months, a small bunch of dedicated korfaholics have been trying to kick-start youth korfball in the Dundee area. Working with the Active Schools Coordinators for 10 primary schools (and one High School), we have managed to deliver taster sessions to over 700 kids in and around Dundee between April and June of 2012. We also managed to run a fledgling after schools club in Birkhill for 6 weeks, just before the start of the Summer holidays.

The main outcome of all this activity was the formation of DKCs own junior section, which is now up and running every Thursday evening at the Ardler Complex (from 5:30-6:30pm). The attendance at the proper club sessions has not been all that great so far (we only had one junior member for the first three weeks, and the biggest sessions so far have only had 9 kids), but what we lack in numbers, we more than make up for in enthusiasm (and dare I say quality?) 🙂  We are definitely going to continue the sessions throughout the Summer vacation (and beyond), and with any luck (and perhaps a bit more hard work on our behalf), the junior club will be the start of something that can sustain itself, independently of the adults, by the end of the year. The ideal scenario (in the longer term) would be for the formation of 2 stand-alone junior clubs, so that we could get some inter-club competitions going. But all of that may take quite some time, of course… 🙂

On a related note, the nice folks down at Edinburgh Unversity KC have also started to deliver youth korfball session (and after schools clubs) in the Edinburgh area, and are hoping to feed this in to one of the adult clubs down there. Anyone who can help them out should get in touch with Will Ellis, Rosy Nolan or Jean Fourie (or me, in my role as SKA Development Officer).

Thank you letter

We really enjoyed it

If anyone (else) wants to get involved with youth korfball up here in Dundee, of course, they would be more than welcomed. New players are welcome at any time, and everyone gets their first session for free. Anyone interested in introducing the sport into their own clubs or schools is also welcome to get in touch with me (on 07817 640432), and we’ll see what we can do to help each other out.

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